Reiew: Week 10 of homeschooling

This week was an exercise in how to adapt when things don't go according to plan. It was also a week in which I had to pace myself. My husband was out of town for the week, and was solo parenting 24 hours a day. Monday, March 5- On Sunday, we landscaped our garden in... Continue Reading →


Review: Week 9 of Homeschooling

I didn't capture as many photos this week, as I misplaced my phone on Thursday and didn't find it until Friday. Those who know me, know this is pretty typical behavior. Monday- I wanted to make sure that we finished Black History Month off with a trip to Martin Luther King, Jr. National Historic Park.... Continue Reading →

Books We Read in February

This (plus a few from yesterday that I don't know the names of) is the list of books that Calvin read in February. It's crazy that we've read over 100 books in 2 months when we probably didn't read that many in all of last year combined. Prior to homeschooling, Calvin was pretty resistant to... Continue Reading →

Review: Week 8 of Homeschooling

Sunday- We went to Atlanta Legoland Discovery Center. Fine Motor, Gross Motor, Imaginative Play, fun rides, and friends. It doesn't get much better!   Monday- On Monday, we had a playdate at a friend's house. We try to take advantage of any opportunity to play with Calvin's friends from school. They played soccer, lazer tag, ... Continue Reading →

Review: Week 7 of Homeschool

What a BUSY week we had! Monday- We went to the YMCA to go swimming. That afternoon, we did Valentine's Day prep. I put together my husband's Valentine, we scrapbooked a family photo album for my grandmorth, and Calvin made a ton of Valentines for my husband. I'd say at least 50% of them featured... Continue Reading →

To the Man Behind the Scenes

Most of my blog is about MY feelings and about MY struggles and about what Calvin and I do all week long. Reading my blog, you might even think that I'm a single mom, because it's all about ME. Well, I'm not. I've got a pretty amazing husband, who sometimes drives me bonkers, but mostly... Continue Reading →

Review: Week 6 of Homeschool

The best week of homeschooling yet! I'm giving myself high fives for this week, and I literally gave Calvin 100 kisses a day (whether he liked it or not). This week I was Supermom and Calvin was my sidekick. Sunday- Ok, so usually I start out on Monday. But I have to give myself a... Continue Reading →

Review: Week 5 of homeschool

This week, like the others, had it's triumphs and missed opportunities. Here's the wrap-up of Week 5 of homeschooling. Monday- On Monday, we drove up to Marietta, Ga to check out the Marietta Fire Museum.  They just underwent a remodel and Calvin had a really good time! He climbed on antique firetrucks (before we read... Continue Reading →

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