Cookin’ It with Cal: Applesauce Cake

Introducing our newest addition to the blog: Cookin' It with Cal! This week, we decided to take on a simple Applesauce Cake! Ingredients: -Applesauce -1/2 cup of Milk -Martha White Apple Cider Muffin Mix   The result was a little gooey, but super delicious. We're trying to find ways for Calvin to eat more fruit... Continue Reading →


Family Trip to Gatlinburg

Chris has been dying to get back on the ski slopes, since we left Breckenridge four years ago. Finally, this year I felt that Calvin might be ready. But, rather than attempt a cross country trip, just for our four year old to hate skiing, I decided to book us a trip to Gatlinburg, Tennessee.... Continue Reading →

Review: Week 3 of Homeschooling

Week 3 of homeschooling felt like a total wash between vacation, snow days, and sickness. We did get some stuff accomplished though. Monday- We traveled back from Gatlinburg trip Tuesday- We cleaned the house, did laundry, did grocery shopping and meal prep. In general, we just recovered from our trip. We did do a cooking... Continue Reading →

Review: Week 2 of Homeschooling

    Monday, January 8- Board Game Palooza Meet-up at our house with some other homeschooling kiddos. For gross motor, Calvin and I got out and practiced riding his bike. Finally, we ended our day at TONCHU Martial Arts. We watched a class, and Calvin decided that he wanted to try martial arts. Tuesday, January... Continue Reading →

Radical Resolutions for 2018!

Even before this homeschooling adventure began, we had started planning resolutions for the new year. Things like "travel more" and "more family time" made the list. My sister, a board certified behavior analyst, always says that plans must be measurable. So, just saying "more" wouldn't really get us very far. So, here's our measurable radical... Continue Reading →

Dinosaur Egg Excavation!

When you ask Calvin what he wants to be when he grows up, he ALWAYS says Scientist. More often than not, he declares his future career will be a┬ápaleontologist. So, it's no surprise that for Christmas, many of his gifts were science related. My sister got Calvin a box of dinosaur 'eggs' for excavation. Here's... Continue Reading →

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