I have been a lot of things in my life. Daughter. Girl. Athlete. Academic. Woman. Lover. Wife. Ski Bum. Educator. Mother. Stay-At-Home-Mom. And now… HOMESCHOOLING MOM.

My name is Emily. My son, Calvin, is a ferocious, rambunctious sweetheart of a little boy. At 4 years old he is my whole world (and that world is a topsy turvy place).  In June 2017, we began a difficult and heartwrenching journey towards diagnosing my son with ADHD. In January 2018, my son and I embarked up our Homeschooling journey (with a lot of support from my wonderful husband and father of the year, Chris).

Here you will find my confessions, ramblings, vent sessions, trials and tribulations. You will bear witness to blood, sweat, tears, and adventures. Share in my journey as I work towards becoming Supermom.