Review: Week 13 of homeschooling

Monday , March 19- Monday morning, we started working on “seed paper”. We tore up different kinds of paper and soaked it in water. Then we left to read to the cats at FurKids. When we returned, the paper was mushy. We blended it up in the blender, mixed in our wildflower seeds, and squished the paper pulp into paper again! (Later in the week, we planted it in our garden.) Lastly, Calvin made a birthday card for Aunt Katie. (I wrote the name and he traced it.)



Tuesday, March 20- Calvin woke up and asked to go to HippoHopp. He had a blast for three and a half hours! (A-okay with me) Later that night, we went to Comet bowling for some bowling and air hockey. It’s worth noting that, with both of us using bumpers, he almost beat me at bowling! It’s also worth noting that a year ago, Calvin couldn’t make it through a game of bowling. 3 1/2 months ago, he could make it through a half of a game, but struggled through the second half. Now, he’s consistently able to make it though at least 10 frames of bowling! His attention span a focus are really improving.


Wednesday, March 21– We had a playdate at our house with a new homeschooling friend! They rescued “stuffed animals”, played playdoh, made cookies, and played in rock concerts. So much fun!


Thursday, March 22– On Thursday, we went to the Children’s Museum with our new friends! We rode the MARTA and walked through Centennial Park together. It was messy Thursday, which meant paint and slime! The boys made bookends in the Built It! Lab, and worked with a robot. Afterwards, the boys couldn’t resist the playground in Centennial Park. That afternoon, we were supposed to go to a Homeschool Playdate, but Calvin ended up crashing on the couch and sleeping through it!


Friday, March 23– On Friday, we drove up to Acworth for the Science for EveryBODY event. We got to see real eyeballs, brains, and Calvin got to touch (and inflate) real lungs. He admired bugs, touched a hissing cockroach, and asked tons of questions about the human body. I ATE a bug!!! Since we were up that far, we stopped at the Southern Museum of Civil War and Locomotive History. I’m super disappointed that I didn’t get any good pictures of Calvin with “The General” train! He learned about Morse Code and Train Signals. He even built his own train, and he was the conductor! We also discussed the importance of trains in history, but I think most of that went over his head. After the train museum, we walked across the street to get delicious ice cream from the Frozen Cow. We took our ice cream to the playground across the street from the museum.  He got another hour or so of play in before we made the trek home during rush hour (oops)!

Saturday, March 24– On Saturday, we took Calvin to the Atlanta Science Festival downtown. There were so many booths! Reptiles, microbes, insects, build-it exhibits. Add in some King of Pops and it made for a pretty fantastic Saturday!


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