Review: Week 12 of Homeschool

Monday, March 12th– Calvin woke up on Monday morning and requested that we go to HippoHop, a local indoor playground. Since it was raining outside, I couldn’t see a reason not to. Unfortunately, HippoHop is closed on Mondays, so we drove up to JumpJump instead. Calvin made a new friend and spent almost four hours running, jumping and playing. Thumbs up for gross motor and social skills!
After JumpJump, we headed to FurKids for a few hours to play and read with the cats.


Tuesday, March 13th– I had the best laid plans for this day. But, Calvin wanted to play with legos and in his new sandbox all day. Fine motor, sensory play, problem solving, math, and independence- Who am I to argue? The great thing about this unschooling life is that we can change or plans to do as much or as little as we want to do. That evening, Calvin helped Daddy make a blueberry pie in preparation for Pi Day.


Wednesday, March 14th– We started our day at the Northlake-Barbara Loar Library for storytime and getting 15 more books. Afterwards, we joined in an Atlanta Science Festival activity at the Outdoor Activity Center in Southwest Atlanta. We learned about watershed in Atlanta, saw some water creatures, and went for a nature scavenger hunt. Finally, we home to celebrate Pi day by making a chocolate mousse and strawberry pie!


Thursday, March 15th– Calvin has shown a real interest in what Daddy does for a living. So, on Thursday, he got to go to work with Chris. They rode the MARTA into the city together. Calvin got to go to the morning meeting, meet Chris’ coworkers, play with highlighters, and enjoyed the complimentary office snacks!
I picked him up in the late morning, and we went to the Children’s Museum for Messy Thursday. In art class, he sewed a wallet. He used straws and clothespins to create some awesome “robots”.
We met Daddy for lunch in Midtown, before heading over to the Atlanta Contemporary Art Center. The art center is small, but the exhibits are pretty cool and kid friendly! There’s even a sound art exhibit downstairs. The artist’s work is supposed to represent an LA Freeway. But, in Calvin’s mind, there was an angry elephant in the basement. When other museum visitor’s heard him talking about the elephant, they helped play along. They all went down to the chute space to “see the elephant”. Calvin’s imagination got the best of him, and he could not make himself go all the way downstairs to see the ‘elephant’. I think all of the other visitors got a real kick out of seeing a child’s imagination at work.
When we left the Atlanta Contemporary, Calvin wanted to stop and do more art. So, we stopped in at the Avondale ArtLot for more fun.
Finally, we stopped at Avondale Park for some free King of Pops and a homeschool playdate. Calvin made a new friend while ‘looking for treasure’ and being ‘chased by lava’.


Friday, March 16th– On Friday morning, we toured another preschool. Calvin has expressed more interest in returning to school, and we’re trying to find the right fit. We liked this one a lot, so we’ll see how it turns out. That afternoon, we met our new homeschool friend at the Fernbank Museum. The boys played so well together until late into the afternoon! It was wonderful. That night, we completed the 3rd of our 3.14 pies for Pi Day (a little late) with a Key Lime Pie.


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