Reiew: Week 10 of homeschooling

This week was an exercise in how to adapt when things don’t go according to plan. It was also a week in which I had to pace myself. My husband was out of town for the week, and was solo parenting 24 hours a day.

Monday, March 5– On Sunday, we landscaped our garden in our unruly backyard. While watched Calvin play in the topsoil in one of our garden beds, I looked at my husband and said “We should’ve put a sandbox in for him.” My husband said, “Well, let’s do it!” So, he shoveled the dirt out of the bottom bed, and on Monday I bought the supplies to build it. Calvin learned the word “estimate”, because we had to estimate how many 50 pound bags of sand would fit into his sandbox.  He and I built it together, and upon competion, Calvin spent about 2 and a half hours playing in his sandbox.  That night, Chris and Calvin planted the seeds in our garden together, and Calvin played in the sandbox for about 45 more minutes. It was well worth the investment!

Tuesday, March 6th- We spent the morning learning about ‘shapes’ per Calvin’s request. We listened to songs about shapes, made shapes out of pipe cleaners, and went on a shape scavenger hunt around the house. Then, we spent the afternoon at the Children’s Museum. We signed up for an art class where we had to rip paper to turn it into a landscape. Continuing with the shapes theme of our day, Calvin made a ‘shapes landscape’.  We also participated in a body science experiment. Using a ziplock bag as our stomach and white vinegar as stomach acid, we simulated the digestion of a cracker. It was pretty cool!
That night, I took Calvin to $2 bowling at the Comet. It was an awesome Mommy & Calvin outing. We may make this a family outing in the future!

Wednesday, March 7th– Wednesday is usually our library day, but unfortunately the water in Dekalb County was off after a water main break. That meant no library. No water at our house. And, no water at many of our stomping grounds. So, as a I scrambled to find something to do, I remembered that Kennesaw National Battefield Park was on my list of places to visit. (It’s also free). So, we drove up to Kennesaw, had lunch, visited the museum, and went for a hike. We even saw a family of deer run across the path! We played a couple games of checkers in the Visitor’s Center (Calvin is still learning….) before heading home. I had planned on stopping at a free Art Museum in Kennesaw, but Calvin was pretty tuckered out.

Thursday, March 8th- Thursday morning we had a playdate at Avondale Park with another homeschool family. The boys are a few years apart, which is the difference between Minecraft and Bob the Builder. But, overall, I’d say the playdate was a success. We headed over to the library to pick out new books for the week, before heading home to meet some visitors from out of town. We spent the evening showing off our town, and our expensive parking tickets (ugh. Long story)

Friday, March 9th- Friday morning, we headed up to Furkids to read and play with the cats. Then we ran some errands before driving to the airport to pick up DADDY! We spent all evening playing and cuddling and making up for missing each other all week.


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