Review: Week 9 of Homeschooling

I didn’t capture as many photos this week, as I misplaced my phone on Thursday and didn’t find it until Friday. Those who know me, know this is pretty typical behavior.

Monday- I wanted to make sure that we finished Black History Month off with a trip to Martin Luther King, Jr. National Historic Park. I was conflicted on whether or not it was the right age to take Calvin. To be honest, most of it went over his head. But, he was very excited to be at a new museum and to learn something new. I was proud of him for his patience and self control as we walked through historical landmarks from Martin Luther King, Jr’s childhood.

After our trip through the museum, we went to nearby Historic Fourth Ward Park. We walked the path by the lake. We fed (and identified) catfish, red eared slider turtles, and River Cooter turtles. We ate lunch at the park then headed up to the playground for some gross motor fun!

Best of all, everything that day was FREE!

Tuesday– For #TravelTuesday, we loaded up and drove to Athens for a Free Day (There are so many free activities there!). Our first stop was Bear Hollow Zoo. It has about 35 animals that are native to Georgia, but are unable to survive in the wild. We really enjoyed learning the animals names and their stories!

After the zoo, we decided to head to the State Botanical Garden of Georgia. We ate lunch, hiked, and identified new plants we had never seen before.

After a few hours at the Botanical garden, we popped into the Georgia Museum of Art. If I’m being honest, it’s not very kid friendly. We sat and sketched and painted near the paintings. (Note: No painting allowed in the museum we were later informed). Our time there was short lived, but Calvin interpreted some great art (and made some great art of his own)!

Wednesday– On Wednesday, we headed to our normal storytime at the Barbara Loar- Northlake Library. We picked up another 15 books, and headed straight to FurKids to read our books to the cats. On the way home, we stopped off at the store to buy some birthday presents for friends, and for Calvin to spend his allowance. We got home and cleaned ourselves (covered in cat hair) and the house up before Daddy got home from his work trip. Calvin helped sweep and mop the floors, and cleaned up all of his toys. I feel like our homeschooling has healed our relationship so much, because those simple tasks would not have always been so simple.

Thursday– When Calvin woke up, he immediately decided that this was the day that he would FINALLY make his solar system. So, we sat down to draw it out. We used the computer to get their general size and color. I labeled as he drew, and we worked on the coloring together.

Then, we did something a little different. I dropped Calvin off at a local preschool for a playdate. As well as homeschooling has been going, I can’t help but notice how much he misses having friends. So, we thought we would give him the opportunity to try out a school again. The school was wonderful! He had so much fun, and it melted my heart to see him playing with other kids again. At pick-up I asked him if he had fun- and he said “Yes!”. I asked him if he wanted to go again, and he said “Maybe”. Finally, I asked if he wanted to go to school there, and he said “I don’t think so. I just want to go to school with you. I want you to be my teacher.” We decided to go with Calvin on this one. Homeschooling has been working out well for us, and if he isn’t ready to return to school yet, we aren’t going to push it.

Friday- On Friday morning, Calvin had a dentist appointment for a filling (Ugh, the worst). We stuck around Decatur afterwards and went to storytime at the Little Shop of Stories. Then, we headed to the Fernbank Museum of Natural History for the remainder of the day. Every time we go, we find something new. This time, we enjoyed a long walk through the Wildwoods behind the museum.



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  1. rawsonjl says:

    I just love getting out and exploring museums and other places like that with my boys too. It’s so much fun making memories together and I know they learn so much that way too.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. HearMeRoar says:

      Yes! I attempted staying at home with my son when he was younger, and I hated it. We both went stir crazy. Every now and then we’ll do a home day, but we love getting out and about! I also like to take advantage of everything the city (and other cities) have to offer!


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