Review: Week 8 of Homeschooling

Sunday– We went to Atlanta Legoland Discovery Center. Fine Motor, Gross Motor, Imaginative Play, fun rides, and friends. It doesn’t get much better!


Monday- On Monday, we had a playdate at a friend’s house. We try to take advantage of any opportunity to play with Calvin’s friends from school. They played soccer, lazer tag,  board games, and video games. They painted and wrestled. Even though the moms were ‘on duty’ the whole time, we got to sneak in some conversation and a glass of wine.


Tuesday– We started our day at the Free Forest School at Clyde Shephard Nature Preserve for what Calvin dubbed a “NATURE ADVENTURE!” That afternoon, we headed up to the FurKids to read to the cats. By reading to cats, Calvin has doubled or tripled the number of books he’s been reading. This month alone, he’s read over 65 books.

He had such a good day that I decided to reward him (and myself) with some ice cream. We tried a I.Ce.NY off of Buford Highway, and it was fantastic. They do ice cream ‘rolls’, and Calvin really enjoyed watching them pour, chop, and roll the ice cream. It tasted pretty delicious too!


Wednesday– Wednesdays are storytime day at the Northlake-Barbara Loar Library. Though it’s not the closest library to us, it has come to feel very homey to Calvin and I. After storytime this week, the librarian took the kids on a ‘behind the scenes’ tour of the library. It was a very cool, very unique experience! That afternoon we headed to the Fernbank Science Center, were Spring is beginning! We identified Stinkhorn mushrooms, Magnolia Trees, and pitcher plants. I love visiting museums, because every time we visit, we discover something new.


Thursday– From the Library (on Wednesday) we checked out the Georgia State Parks pass and the Georgia State Parks backpack. Inside the backpack were a bird identifier, plant identifier, and mammal identifier. Calvin was excited to try them out, but the forecast called for rain so we stayed closeby and headed to the Mary Scott Nature Park for a hike.

Later that afternoon, the weather was still nice, so we headed to the Krog Street tunnel for some art inspiration. We brought all of our art supplies, but ended up chalk arting the sidewalks and rocks near some murals. Calvin struggled with inspiration at first. But, by the end of the day, I could barely drag him away. We finished up at Esther Peachy Lefevre Park.

Friday- Calvin LOVES Puss in Boots. (He was Puss for Halloween last year.) So, when I saw that Agnes Scott Blackfriars would be putting on a performance of “Puss in Boots and Other Cat Tails”, I knew we had to go. This was Calvin’s first play, so $5 was the right price (just in case we had to leave early). But, we sat front row center and he LOVED it. He laughed and listened and participated. After the performance, we spent some time on campus exploring and picking dandelions!

That afternoon, we were exhausted from our busy week. We hung out at the house, mostly. We got into one of Calvin’s dinosaur eggs and researched the Pteranadon before taking a nap to wrap up our week!


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