Review: Week 7 of Homeschool

What a BUSY week we had!

Monday- We went to the YMCA to go swimming. That afternoon, we did Valentine’s Day prep. I put together my husband’s Valentine, we scrapbooked a family photo album for my grandmorth, and Calvin made a ton of Valentines for my husband. I’d say at least 50% of them featured butts of some sort…. We’re big into potty humor right now! We celebrated Valetine’s Day that night, because we were headed to Tennessee.

Tuesday-Thursday- We roadtripped up to Maryville, Tennessee for my grandmother’s 88th birthday! On the way, we stopped at the Tennessee Aquarium in Chattanooga. I actually prefer this aquarium to the Georgia Aquarium. They have 2 different buildings- 1 for the river animals and 1 for the ocean animals. The Chattanooga aquarium doesn’t have beluga whales or dolphins, but they have lemurs and butterfly house. I think the big difference is the layout. Anyway, we had a great time! Calvin is still talking about the eels and the paddlefish.

While there, Calvin and I took my grandmother to the McClung Museum of Natural History & Culture on the University of Tennessee’s campus. It’s FREE, which is always worth it, in my opinion. We had a good time and saw some interesting exhibits. Calvin especially enjoyed the Ancient Egypt exhibit with the mummies. My grandmother just seemed to enjoy being out and about with us. We went out for ice cream at Brusters and stopped by the Blount County Public Library, where they had arts and crafts on the tables for children. Calvin made several ‘silhouettes’ (which he learned about earlier this month at the Children’s Museum)  The trip to Tennessee was short but sweet. It’s always nice to visit family.

On our way back home, we stopped at The Lost Sea Adventure. I went there dozens of times as a kid, but it’s probably been 20 years since my last visit. The place hasn’t changed a bit! I worried that a tour might go over Calvin’s head. I was also worried, because it was a weekday and he was the only child on the tour. But, everyone was very patient, and delighted at his questions! The Lost Sea Adventure is a tour of caverns and an underground lake.  The guides point out different rock formations and tell stories about the caves history. At one point, they turned the lights out and we were in complete darkness! Calvin now talks of stalagtites, stalagmites, cave flowers (anthodites), bacon rocks (flowstones), and rainbow trout! And… children 4 & under are free!

Friday- Since we missed our regular storytime on Wednesday, we stopped at the library in Decatur to replace our books. The librarian suggested that get Calvin signed up for his very own library card! That afternoon, we visited the Fernbank Museum. We had already seen the new “The Secret World Inside You” exhibit about microbes, but every time we go to the museum we see and learn new things! I missed the ‘stinky feet’ kiosk the first time that we went. WHOA… were they stinky. We also checked out the “Nature Stories” playground in the Wildwoods outside! (See Calvin posing as a tree below)


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