To the Man Behind the Scenes

Most of my blog is about MY feelings and about MY struggles and about what Calvin and I do all week long. Reading my blog, you might even think that I’m a single mom, because it’s all about ME. Well, I’m not. I’ve got a pretty amazing husband, who sometimes drives me bonkers, but mostly he’s just the guy making all of my dreams become reality.

You see, when I first found out that I was pregnant, I cried. They weren’t the happy tears that many women have upon finding out that they have a life growing inside of them. No, these were tears of surprise and fear and anxiety. And my husband, Chris, pulled me into his lap and told me how excited he was. He held me and told me how great things were going to be. Not too deep below that calm facade, he was terrified and probably more scared than I was. But he didn’t show it, because he knew in that moment I needed him to be strong.

What a lot of people don’t know is that Chris had actually been laid off about two weeks before we found out that I was pregnant. Scary, right? He went out the day after I took the home pregnancy test and he got a job working overnight at a hotel. The pay was terrible, but he knew that we needed the money. Luckily, that job only lasted about two weeks before he found something better, and he was only in that job for about 3 months before earning a promotion. But, even with the promotion, we knew we couldn’t survive on just his salary in our touristy mountain town. So- he found a job and moved our little family across the country to Raleigh, NC.  And, the next four years played out similarly. We needed something, and he stepped up to the plate. He always steps up to the plate. We’ve come to refer to it as “Pulling a Chris Tabb”.

Have I mentioned what a great dad he is? When Calvin was a newborn, he would alternate night feedings with me, so that I could patch together 4 hours of sleep at a time. I would wake up in the mornings, and he would be sitting just snuggling our son. Every evening, when he comes home from work he sets aside 30 minutes of wrestle/tiger time/ The Chris & Calvin Show. And, for as little patience as this man shows in the rest of his life, he has it in spades for his son.

He’s the real hero of our story. He’s always strong and supportive when I feel like things can’t possibly go right. He makes things happen for our family that I could only dream of. He is my son’s superhero. And most importantly, every Sunday, he makes breakfast AND cleans the house. Happy Valentine’s Day, baby. Thank-you for being you (even though you’re sometimes a pain in the ass.) *








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