Review: Week 6 of Homeschool

The best week of homeschooling yet! I’m giving myself high fives for this week, and I literally gave Calvin 100 kisses a day (whether he liked it or not). This week I was Supermom and Calvin was my sidekick.

Sunday- Ok, so usually I start out on Monday. But I have to give myself a pat on the back for last Sunday when I turned our living room into blanket fort town, Calvin brought all of his stuffed animals downstairs, and we played for hours.

Monday– Calvin and I took the MARTA from Decatur into Downtown Atlanta. We walked through downtown playing “I Spy” and continued our journey through Centennial Olympic Park, checking out the sculptures and fountains. We talked about what the Olympics are, especially with the Winter Olympics starting this week. Then, we hit up the Children’s Museum of Atlanta. We played and learned. We signed up for an art class and learned about Kara Walker, an African American artist who is well known for her silhouettes. Calvin learned the word “silhouette”, and delved deep into a silhouette project of “Monster World”. After lunch at the museum, we headed back to the Centennial Olympic Park to play on the cool playground structure. As we walked towards the MARTA station, Calvin pointed towards the ‘ferris wheel’. I decided that since we were down there, we should just go for it. We bought ticket for the Skyview Atlanta. I probably wouldn’t recommend it, but we can mark it off the Atlanta bucket list. I literally had to carry Calvin back to the MARTA station because he was so tired from our big day!

Tuesday– We met up (a little late) with the Free Forest School crowd. Jumping in muddy puddles and ‘fishing’ were the name of the game, and then we took our own detour hike through the Clyde Shepard Nature Preserve. That afternoon, we had a mommy & Calvin date, because daddy was out of town. We explored the Dekalb History Center in downtown Decatur, before jaunting over to Little Shop of stories. I let Calvin pick out 1 new book (Curious George) and I picked one out that I’m going to give him for Valentine’s Day (The Kissing Hand). We needed a sweet treat, as every Mother/Son date does, and we stopped in at Jeni’s Ice Creams.

Wednesday- We headed to the Barbara Loar Library for storytime and picked out 6 new books. (We weren’t as diligent in our reading last week, because Calvin wasn’t as motivated. Some weeks are just like that.) We went home and worked to finish up the bracelet project that he started last week. He wanted to start a new project-Cat toys-but we didn’t have the materials. So, I makeshifted a cat toy project with water bottle and beads. Then, we brought our books and our cat toys to Furkids. We played and snuggled and read 5 books while we were there! When we got home, Calvin still had energy left! So, we pulled out some Corn Muffin mix, and he helped me to whip some up. (Licking the bowl is his favorite part!)

Thursday- We met up with one of Calvin’s best friends, *R, at the Children’s Museum. He brought her the bracelet that he made her for Valentine’s Day. They had a blast playing. We did the Kara Walker art project again, which Calvin got very into. We also signed up for a Construction Class, where we built a stoplight. The stoplight was invented by an African American inventor named Garrett Morgan, which is why they were spotlighting it this month. When we got home, Daddy had returned from his trip! We spent the rest of the night playing and telling him all about our busy week.

Friday- This was our first morning trying out gymnastics. Chris and I decided not to sign Calvin up for a class, because the pressure seemed to be to much for him. So, I found Intown Stars Gymnastics Coffee & Tumble Time! It was still hard to get him motivated to go, but once we got there, he had a BLAST jumping, hanging, and balancing. We stayed for around 2 hours, and he was tuckered out. Afterwards we headed to the dollar store for Calvin to purchase some items using his ‘allowance’, which he has earned through doing chores. He is so proud when he gets to use his own money to buy the things that he wants. He had earned enough today for 3 items! It was so beautiful outside today that I ended up packing us a picnic. I took Calvin to the Avondale ArtLot for some inspiration and art outside. And, boy, was he inspired! I brought all the art supplies from home, and we sat and painted, drew, chalked, and talked for over an hour! I’ve never seen him so driven by art! After the ArtLot, we headed to Lake Avondale to feed the ducks and to ‘fish’. (I didn’t have any bait, so we just practiced casting). Calvin looked at me on the way home and said “Mommy, today was a great day. Good job!” MELT MY HEART!!!


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