Ode to the Parents Who Still Invite My Son on Playdates

Happy Valentine’s Day to the women who keep inviting my son to playdates, and their kids who haven’t forgotten friendship. I wanted to write a blog about you, but I decided a love poem was so much cheesier. So, here goes:


You’re the ones who were there

When there were good times to share

But you didn’t turn your backs

For the skills that my son lacked

Instead you pulled us closer

Never leaving us to wonder

If we had any friends

Or relationships we had to mend

You demonstrate such patience

Even when he shows resistance.

You compliment his intellect

And all the places we have trekked

You accept the fact we don’t conform

Your words are always very warm.

Thank-you for being people on which I can depend!

Thank-you for listening and never condemning!

Thank-you for always extending the invite!

Thank-you for loving my son without fright!



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