Review: Week 5 of homeschool

This week, like the others, had it’s triumphs and missed opportunities. Here’s the wrap-up of Week 5 of homeschooling.

Monday– On Monday, we drove up to Marietta, Ga to check out the Marietta Fire Museum.  They just underwent a remodel and Calvin had a really good time! He climbed on antique firetrucks (before we read the sign that said not to.. oops!) There’s plenty of memorabilia for those interested. Calvin also got to meet the Fire Chief when a Fire Captain gave us a mini tour. We learned that different colored hats are different ranks! We only spent 30 minutes there, but it was well worth the trip. Calvin left saying that he wanted to be a firefighter when he grows up.

Since we drove all the way to Marietta, I thought we would try to get something else in that day. I looked up a park that supposedly had butterflies, but it was a bust. We ended up at the Museum of History and Holocaust Education at Kennesaw State. We talked a little about what the holocaust was, but the museum was over his head.

We ended our day at Martial Arts. Calvin had a great time! He really took to it. However, they asked us for a 18 month commitment. We don’t feel like we’re ready for that, so we’ve decided to let Calvin try another sport in the month of February.


Tuesday– We started our morning at the Free Forest School. I wrote about our adventures earlier this week in The Hunt for the Red Headed Woodpecker: A story of exploration, imagination, calculated risks, and a few tears.

Tuesday afternoon, we went to the Dekalb Farmer’s market to pick up some goodies for the week. Calvin also started working on a special Valentine’s Day project. He made bracelets for all of his friends. I wrote out their names on a piece of paper, then he had to search through the beads to find each letter. It was his job to pick out all of the beads and string them onto the bracelet. It was an awesome project, working on fine motor skills as well as letter recognition!


Wednesday– We went to the library, as usual. We signed up for the 1000 books before Kindergarden club. We picked up another 15 books to read this week.

We had plans for the afternoon, but Calvin didn’t feel up to them. So, we diverted. We got an Amazon delivery and Calvin turned the box into a boat. he decorated it and used his imagination to develop a storyline. Then, we opened another one of our dinosaur eggs, using those awesome fine motor skills. Calvin asked me to look up the dinosaur inside, and we discovered it was a Plesiosaurus. Calvin asked if we could watch some videos about the Plesiosaurus, and we learned a lot. (They were not, in fact, dinosaurs. They were reptiles that lived during the Jurassic period.) (BONUS: We went to the Fernbank Museum this weekend, and Calvin pointed to a picture and said “Mommy, that’s a Plesiosaurus! Just like mine!” Gosh, it feels good when he actually learns something!)

Finally, Calvin helped me with cooking. He used our new spiralizer to help me make Zucchini Noodles! (No.. he didn’t eat them. Le Sigh!)



Well, this day was the most rewarding and most disappointing. We were supposed to go to the park in the morning, but as we got out of the car- it began to rain. So, we stopped into Revolution Doughnuts for a coffee and donuts break. DELISH!

We headed towards the Arts District towards the Museum of Contemporary Art Atlanta. I had originally planned on visiting the Atlanta Contemporary Arts Center, which is free. But upon getting into the car, we realized it was closed for a private event that day. #HomeschoolFail. The Museum of Contemporary Art Atlanta was very quaint. Very small. And pretty expensive, given it’s size. We last about 20 minutes inside, which was a stretch. Luckily, the morning was saved when we met Daddy in midtown for lunch! Yay!

That afternoon, we went to FurKids for our orientation. It was amazing! We are excited to continue this every week!





We used the Zoo Pass that we checked out from the library to go to Zoo Atlanta.  Calvin loves going to the zoo! The Atlanta Zoo has never been his favorite, because of the layout. However, it’s always a good time. Unfortunately, the African Plains exhibit is under construction. So, most of the African animals were not there. They won’t be returning until 2019. The Scaly, Slimy spectacular was under construction, so about 30% of the animals in the reptile house weren’t available for viewing either. Then, about 25% of the animals were off exhibit in their “winter homes”, and some just weren’t outside because it was cold. Overall, I’d say we saw less than 50% of the animals that live at the zoo. But, our visit was free and Calvin had a good time.





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