January 2018: Calvin Book List

Here’s a list of books that Calvin read (we read to Calvin) this month. A few of the ones that we own are missing as well as books that were read to him by librarians or at the Free Forest School. We only made our goal of 15 books a week one time this month, but we’re going to stick with it!

1. If the Dinosaurs Came Back- By Bernard Most

2. Miss Spider’s Tea Party- By David Kirk

3. Ferry Tail- by Katherine Kenah

4. Goldilocks and the Three Bears- By James Marshall

5. Superhero Dad- Timothy Knapman

6. How do Dinosaurs eat their food?- By Jane Yolen

7. Sam & Dave Dig a Hole- By Jon Klassen

8. The Case of the Stinky Stench- By Josh Funk

9. Hungry Bird- by Jeremy Tankard

10. Moo Hoo- by Candace Ryan

11. The Most Amazing Dinosaur- By James Stevenson

12. Spots: Counting Creatures from Sky to Sea- By Carolyn Lesser

13. Goldie and the Three Hares- by Margie Palatini

14. The Bad Mood and the Stick- by Daniel Handler

15.  Bunny-by Jennifer Gray Olson

16. The Super Hungry Dinosaur- by Martin Waddell

17. Bad Boys get Cookie- by Margie Palatini

18. Sheep in a Jeep- Nancy E. Shaw

19. Sheep go to Sleep- Nancy E. Shaw

20. We Found a Hat- by Jon Klassen

21. Curious George Takes a Train- y Margret & H.A. Rey

22. Bumble-Ardy- By Maurice Sendak

23. Winston the Book Wolf- by Marni McGee

24. Truckeroo School- By David Kirk

25. On Your Toes: A Ballet ABC- by Rachel Isadora

26. Mary Poppins: Up, Up, and away- By Helene Druvert

27. The Costume Party- By Victoria Chess

28. You Can Do It Too! By Karen Baicker

29. The Tale of Peter Rabbit- by Beatrix Potter

30. The Pocket Dogs- by Margaret Wild

31. The Midnight Visitors- By Juliet David

32. Kid Sheriff and the Terrible Toads- By Bob Shea

33. Natalie & Naughtily- By Vincent X. Kirsch

34.The Dark- By Jon Klassen





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