Review: Week 4 Homeschool

Monday, January 22– Well, the day started out a bit slow as we were still recovering from the flu. We went to drop off some information at a Diagnostic Center for Calvin. Then, on the way home, we stopped at Mason Mill Park. In addition to some Gross Motor fun, we also got some good dramatic play in as we pretended to be pirates! We checked out the community garden while we were there.

Later at home, Calvin did some letter workbook pages, we experimented with water beads, and cooked up an applesauce cake!


Tuesday, January 23- We attempted to get up and go to Free Forest School, but upon arrival Calvin had a full on meltdown. We went home and he slept for another 3 hours (still recovering from the flu).

Tuesday afternoon we went to TONCHU Martial Arts, and Calvin was presented with his white belt!

Wednesday, January 24- Wednesday morning is preschool storytime at Northlake-Barbara Loar library. This week there were actually other kids there! We returned most of our books and checked out 15 more (just keeping us honest every week). Afterwards, we went on our mommy & Calvin date to Good Karma Coffee, and onto Avondale Park.

Wednesday afternoon, Calvin and I went to Fernbank Science Center. Bonus points for this adventure! Calvin saw one of the exhibits and said “Mommy, that’s a Chambered Nautilus. We saw that in the other museum.” (OMG… He IS learning!) We also stumbled upon a white stringy substance in a pond outside. Calvin hypothesized that is was spider webs, and I hypothesized that it was algae. He sought out someone who worked there, who didn’t know the answer. But, he didn’t stop asking until we found someone who knew the answer! I was so proud! (P.S- It was algae that had taken over the pond, so they had to kill it so the plants could grow.)

Thursday , January 25- 

On Thursday morning, we learned about the letter “B”. Calvin painted an upper case “B” with blue and black paint, then found stickers of things that started with B (bones, bows, butterflies).

That afternoon we went to the Center for Puppetry Arts, which I had read was free on Thursdays from 1-3. Well, showing my newb status as a homeschooling mom, the post I had read was old news. The museum is not free on Thursdays anymore. We went in anyway, and it was interesting, but not worth the money. We saw Sesame Street puppets, Muppet puppets, and even Dark Crystal puppets. There were a few interactive exhibits. But, overall, we only spent 45 minutes there total.

Since the museum didn’t take that long, we took our fishing poles and bread to Lake Avondale. We fed the ducks and Calvin fished.

Friday, January 26

We made our first visit to Your Dekalb Farmer’s Market, or YDFM as the locals call it. Or,  you could call it “Old McDonald’s” like Calvin does (FARMER’s market, get it. hahaha). Anyway, this place is touted as the world’s largest indoor grocery/market. Calvin’s favorite part was the fresh seafood (live crabs, lobsters, catfish, and trout). It was a cool experience, we’ll definitely be back.

For our afternoon adventure, we went to get Calvin’s hair cut in downtown Decatur. But, we stopped for ice cream at Butter & Cream afterwards! Delish!


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