Review: Week 3 of Homeschooling

Week 3 of homeschooling felt like a total wash between vacation, snow days, and sickness. We did get some stuff accomplished though.

Monday– We traveled back from Gatlinburg trip

Tuesday– We cleaned the house, did laundry, did grocery shopping and meal prep. In general, we just recovered from our trip. We did do a cooking project. Calvin loves cornbread, so we made some banana cornbread muffins.

Wednesday– An unexpected snow storm basically closed the city. Despite the frigid temps, we got outside 3 or 4 times. Cal really wanted to build a snowman, but ,unfortunately, the snow was too fluffy. So, we posed the question, “Why is some snow fluffy and some snow sticky?” We researched it and learned that when the temperatures are lower, the snow is more powdery, and when temperatures are higher the snow is wetter.


Thursday- A slight fever and the weather still kept us stuck in the house. We made the best of it with play-doh, paint, and shaving cream. Calvin has definitely mastered the letter “A”. He keeps finding them places and using items around the house to make them.

Friday– We woke up and went straight to Urgent Care. Calvin had a double ear infection AND the flu. We spent the day resting and watching movies. Hoping to start fresh next week!


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