Review: Week 2 of Homeschooling



Monday, January 8- Board Game Palooza Meet-up at our house with some other homeschooling kiddos. For gross motor, Calvin and I got out and practiced riding his bike. Finally, we ended our day at TONCHU Martial Arts. We watched a class, and Calvin decided that he wanted to try martial arts.

Tuesday, January 9– We spent the morning at Free Forest School at the Clyde Shepherd Nature Preserve. Calvin waded in the mud and water up to his knees. He threw rocks and made a pretend campfire. It was an amazing morning.

Tuesday afternoon we went to the Atlanta Children’s Museum. I picked up tickets for the Target Free Second Tuesday. Calvin was so excited!

Wednesday, January 10– We spent our morning at the Northlake- Barbara Loar Public Library. Calvin was the only kiddo there for preschool storytime, which was a-okay with him. Then we picked up 15 books (to keep us honest in meeting that 15 books per week goal that we set).

After such a busy beginning of the week, Cal asked if we could skip our plans to go to a museum and go play at the park instead. So… we did! But not before we stopped at the Good Karma Coffee House in Avondale for special treats!

That afternoon, Calvin went to his first taekwondo class. If you saw my previous post, you know how that went.

Thursday, January 11– We spent the morning having a play date at our house with some friends we hadn’t seen in a while. Coffee and catching up for the moms, firefighting and policework for the kids. Good times all around!

Thursday afternoon, we changed our original plans a bit. We were supposed to go do some volunteer work, but we were instead asked to return to TONCHU for a one-on-one instruction. Calvin was so much more successful! He made me proud, and he was proud of himself. I think the more individual session probably gave him that self-esteem boost that he’s needed these last couple of weeks.

Friday, January 12– Friday morning we started packing for our ski trip to Gatlinburg, then headed out to the Fernbank Museum for the day. We saw exhibits that we haven’t seen before! Even though it was raining outside, we checked out the Wildwoods section outside.



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