Radical Resolutions for 2018!

Even before this homeschooling adventure began, we had started planning resolutions for the new year. Things like “travel more” and “more family time” made the list. My sister, a board certified behavior analyst, always says that plans must be measurable. So, just saying “more” wouldn’t really get us very far. So, here’s our measurable radical resolutions for a awesome 2018 (and a stupendous homeschooling year).

Hike 100 miles. Between Free Forest School activities and family time, this should be an easy goal to meet!


Visit 4 National Parks. We’ve got a couple of trips in the works for this year. The treasures in National Parks won’t be around forever. We’d like to see them and learn about them while they are still around!

Visit 1 new state. Ideally, we’d like to visit more than 1, but if the right trip comes along, we want to remain flexible! (So far, Calvin has been to Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, Kentucky, Illinois, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, and Washington DC)

Volunteer once a week. This is more of a Calvin and Mama activity. We are going to begin volunteering at a local cat shelter once a week, but we may add additional activities later on if the opportunity arises.

Read Calvin 15 books a week. Please no judgement from the parents who’ve been doing this with their child since birth. Calvin very recently decided that he actually enjoyed being read to. Before this, he wouldn’t give us the time of day. So- hooray for reading!IMG_20180105_200937.jpg

Learn a new sport. Last week, Calvin tried climbing for the first time. This week, Calvin starts a Karate class. And next weekend, we’re going to try out skiing. With time and patience, we’ll find something that he LOVES to do.

Have family game night twice weekly. Board games are so good for children’s development! It lengthens a child’s attention span, teaches social skills (like taking turns and sportmanship), and many are academic in nature (counting, color recognition, reading, etc).IMG_20180107_204816.jpg

Eat dinner as a family 5 times a week. Between late night work schedules, commute times, business trips, sleep schedules we haven’t had many opportunities to sit down at the dinner table and eat as a family for the last 4 years. This year that changes. We have resolved to eat as a family 5 times a week. I’m so excited about this for our family!


So, that’s the end of our radical resolutions for the new year! Here’s to 2018! Let the year of adventure begin!



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