Review: Week 1 of Homeschooling

After a week of homeschooling, how did we fare? Here’s a review of everything that we did this week!


Monday January 1- Technically this wasn’t our first homeschool day, since we were still ‘on vacation’. However, we went as a family to go climbing at a local gym. My husband was, at one time, a proficient climber. In fact, he was a Rocks & Ropes instructor at the summer camp where we met. However, this was Calvin’s first ever time on a harness. It was a success in the sense that Calvin tried it, and enjoyed it. To my husband’s disappointment, I don’t think we have the next Chris Sharma on our hands.

Tuesday January 2


On this frigid day, we started out meeting up with our local. Free Forest School at Cascade Springs Nature Preserve for a hike. Cal loves to hike so this feels like a great fit for us. He likes to lead and feels empowered to make decisions. He is also so inquisitive about the world around him, and he loves telling others about what he has learned.



We spent our afternoon at the Fernbank Museum of Natural History. We bought a membership for the year because this museum is so great. We learned about gladiators in the Coloseum, watched a chemistry experiment, and dug like an archaeologist.

Wednesday January 3–  26221111_843941682693_1643153893615890314_o.jpgWe started our morning at a storytime at the Northlake-Barbara Loar Library. When circle time started, Cal was the only child there. He seemed to get

a real kick out of it, though! Another little boy eventually showed up, but the librarian let them each choose a book for story time. It was definitely a unique and individual experience!



We wrapped up the afternoon at the Fernbank Science Museum. Space artifacts, a honeybee exhibit, a huge taxonomy exhibit, and live animals. We scratched the surface of everything there is to explore and learn about.


Thursday January 4– We took a break from our regularly scheduled activities to buy some fish and frogs for our new aquaponics aquarium and garden. We love African Dwarf Frogs (We recently had one that passed away. RIP Ribbit). We got 4 guppies and a black mystery snail to play in our tank. I’ll update everyone on names la



Friday January 5- We started Friday with a dentist appointment for Calvin’s first filling (Yikes! I know…) So, today was full of lots of cuddles, love, and whatever Calvin wanted to do. haha!


At one point in the afternoon, while Cal was playing in his room by himself (a rare occurence) I snuck out into the backyard and hid one of the dinosaur eggs that my sister gave him for Christmas. This was probably the highlight of my week. I’ll have to write a post on this activity separately!

This week was probably one of the best that I have ever spent with my son. I’m really excited about the future of our homeschooling adventure!!!






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