Our First Failure


Parenting is a system of trial and error, don’t let anyone tell you any differently.

No seriously, before you have kids, you have all of these ideas. “My child is going to exclusively breathe rainbow air for the first 3 years of his life.” “I’m going to send my child to the magical unicorn school. By the age of 4 months she’ll be speaking 5 languages and winning unicorn riding medals.”

Alright, so those are ridiculous ideas, but there’s always these crazy ideas of ideal parenting that we fall short of once your perfect little angel arrives. For my husband and I, our first “failure” was that we truly wanted to raise our son in the mountains. It was imperative that he be hiking and skiing by the age of 3, summiting 14ers by age 5, with hopes that he take on the Colorado Trail by Age 15 and the PCT by age 18. Rainbows and unicorns.

In reality, we moved away from our little mountain lifestyle about 3 months after Calvin was born. After living on the east coast for 2 years, we were given the opportunity to move back to Colorado and jumped at it. But, Rainbows and unicorns. It wasn’t what we had hoped for or wanted! So, here we are: at a crossroads again. We’re moving to Atlanta!

“Wait!” People sometimes say to me,” But there’s no snow or 14ers or small mountain town communities in Georgia! Why would you move FARTHER away from what you wanted?”

Here’s the answer: What we had originally planned is no longer the ‘dream’. The dream we had exists for so few people, like rainbows and unicorns. Our new dream is owning a home for our son. We want to give our son the best education possible. We want to go on unforgettable vacations. We want to work good jobs that allow us to be home for dinner every night and home on the weekends. We want to be close to family.

Things that I never thought would be important to me- are VERY important now. It’s funny how everything that you want in life can change when you bring a little person into the mix.


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